The following indexes show the starting date and time of each page in the log book. A page roughly coresponds to an element of work, but it can also correspond to a day or it can just be getting too long so I will split it. In otherwords don't look for too much organization here. I am mostly using this as a scratchpad which I don't have to run to the HEP office to make printouts or cramping my hands writing.

This log book starts out on Fri Jan 22 1999.

  1. Fri Feb 5 13:53:44 1999 Generic notes.

    Time Dependent Water Attenuation.

  1. Fri Jan 22 13:14:48 1999 Page 0001 has how the conversion from stopping muon length to stopping muon energy is determined.

  2. Fri Jan 22 19:02:46 1999 Page 0002 has how the stopping muons are selected.

  3. Fri Jan 29 13:42:11 1999 Page 0003 has plots showing how to choose the best attenuation length correction to correct MC events.

    Offsite Data Reduction

  1. Fri Jan 29 17:32:11 1999 Page 0004: is me trying to understand the reduction processes.
  2. Tue Mar 16 16:25:21 1999 Page 0006: Subrun cuts
  3. Mon May 17 15:54:14 1999 Page 0008: how to run offsite reduction and reconstruction.

  1. Thu Feb 4 16:08:04 1999 Page 0005 is notes while working on the DPF'99 proceedings for the talk I gave in Jan.
  1. Mon Mar 29 15:37:51 1999 Page 0007 is checking on the e-like event rate problem which was found on on-site data after 535 days.

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