Page0000, General notes

This page is for general notes I want to keep each day.
Mon May 17 15:17:11 1999

Had to re-do DLT 839 for the reduction as the data was somehow corrupted durring the first run of highc234.

Fri Mar 5 16:17:42 1999

I have actually started writing.

Tue Feb 16 13:35:45 1999

Toseef just told me that he was too late to send the DLTs out yesterday, so they didn't go out, which is good because they shouldn't go out due to the non-crisis.

Tue Feb 16 12:36:22 1999

I wonder if I reversed the order of this page, anyone would notice.

Turns out that there is no DLT shortage crisis in Mozumi, although we found out after Toseef had already sent what few blanks are left in SUNY. I think we have like 2 more. Also CK asked me to ask KK to order 100 more. I had to ask Chiaki and Eric how/where to order, and then sent email to KK. Not sure why I played a part in the menagerie. (Yes, SUNY has adopted a perverted version of the Japanese bureaucratic system). We should hopefully get these in a couple of weeks unless SUNY purchasing decides to do a CF. Just about that time, the 2 remaining blanks should be used up.

Mon Feb 15 18:33:30 1999

Didn't get any thing from CK about the DPF'99 proceedings yet. Forgot to ask him. Tomorrow.

Mon Feb 15 18:20:12 1999

Made some event display printouts for Fumi to use. Used the newly modified tscan in a 700x600 window to dump to xpm then used

for n in *.xpm
	echo $n
	xpmtoppm $n | pnmdepth 63 | pnmtops > `basename $n .xpm`.eps
to convert them to halfway decent looking eps with out making mongo huge files. Even still the final .ps file with 8 images was 20 MBs!. Currently this stuff lives in ~/pic/sk. There is some nice t.g. muons in ~/pic/sk/tgmuons that we may want to put up also.

Fri Feb 5 13:53:44 1999

Ionocopter ring was shipped to KEK

No SKSUNY meeting today

Working on making ideal attenuation length plots for monoenergetic MC. See page 3

Fri Feb 5 17:58:08 1999

Got flasher lists up to DLT 539 from Danka. The are in /u/skdeca2a/scratch/bviren/flashers. I still need to learn how to generate lists for the other ~400 DLTs which we have at SUNY.

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