Page0001, Stopping Muon L->E conversion.

  • Fri Jan 22 13:17:37 1999 Finished determining the dE/dX for muons in water. This is to be used to convert between the muboy vector file info and track input kinematics. The following were made with dtrack/dgustep which is in usmc/gtracking. About 1000 7.5 GeV muons starting just below the PMTs going down the center of the tank were used.

    This shows dE/dX integrated over GEANT track steps and all muon tracks.

    This shows dE/dX vs distance from the stopping point. Since I will use muons that are at least 10m long, I fit the above to a flat curve from 10m to 30m and use PAW to integrate from 0 to 10m (``locate ! i''). The fit gives 2.278 MeV/cm and the integration gives 2269 MeV for 10m. So the sharp rise at the very end of the track ``fills in'' the dip near minimum ionization (~100 MeV). To simplify I will just use a flat length to energy conversion:

    Energy = 2.28 * Length

    Energy in MeV, Length in cm.

  • The next thing to do is choose a representative data run, convert its muboy fits to track input, generate USMC, fit this with muboy, check to see that the lengths are similar to data input, and then start work on finding the attenuation length.

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