Page0004, Data reduction processes

The reduction flows from raw DLTs to final contained event sample via:
  1. ~highe/bin/ which runs

    1. atmpd/src/programs/highe1

      • Runs in /u/skdeca3b/highe
      • Inputs from DLT
      • Histograms in /u/skdeca3b/highe/hie1_[run].[subrun].[dlt]-[file].hst
      • Outputs data files to /u/skdeca1c/highe/hie1_run[run].[subrun].[dlt]-[file]

    2. Where/is/the/src/pickup_contained1

      • Runs in /u/skdeca3b/highe
      • Outputs data files to /u/skdecax1c/highe/PICKUP_CONTAINED/highe1.contained.dlt[dlt]

  2. ~highe/bin/

    This script is so amusing that I include it in its entirety:

    # Short cut to process all of the pickup_contained files that need to 
    # have highc run on them. ``
    1. ~highe/bin/
      Find and print out the PICKUP_CONTAINED files that need to be run.

    2. ~highe/bin/ This takes PICKUP_CONTAINED files and runs highc2 through highc4 on the data.
      • Inputs from /u/skdeca1c/highe/PICKUP_CONTAINED/highe1.contained.dlt[dlt] via the above script.
      • highc2
        This does Danka flasher cuts and gets the flasher file via DANKA_FLASHER environment variable.
      • combine_decay
      • highc3
      • highc4
      • Outputs to /u/skdeca2b/CONTAINED/highc4.contained.dlt[dlt]

  3. ~highe/bin/
    This copies /u/skdeca1c/highe/hie1_run* to DLT

  4. ~highe/bin/
    Watches and deletes the /u/skdeca1c/highe/hie1_run* files when they are finished with. The files are no longer needed when they have flag files with the following extensions:

Mon Feb 1 16:43:30 1999

I have cleaned off the PICKUP_CONTAINED data files. This data is from the following DLTs:

	0037 - 0073
	0075 - 0240
	0242 - 0351
	0354 - 0357
	0359 - 0390
	0394 - 0402
	0405 - 0448
	0450 - 0543
	0545 - 0636
	0638 - 0795
Almost all of the missing DLTs are due to not receiving them at SUNY. There are two which we do have here but had problems durring processing. These could conceivably be recovered, but I won't bother with it as it is such a tiny fraction of livetime.

For me to continue I must now have Danka's flasher lists. I just sent her email about this. Hopefully she will produce this list for me (I would be surprised if she would), o.w. I must find out how she produced the last lists and do it myself.

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