Page0005, DPF'99 proceedings

Tue Mar 16 16:15:09 1999

Submitted - got comments from Ed - re-submitted.

Fri Mar 5 16:16:02 1999

CK still hasn't finished the draft I gave him (sigh). I have put it up at and sent email to Shiozawa, Matt, Hayato, Kameda, Kajita, Ed, and CK about it.

Fri Feb 5 10:01:39 1999

Finished about half of rough draft yesterday.

Mon Feb 15 11:30:32 1999

Last Friday finished final rough draft. CK is looking it over. I will pass it along to Kajita, Ed and the PDK students when CK is done.

Thu Feb 4 16:06:00 1999

Even though DPF'99 still hasn't managed to send me my receipt for the conference, nor, afaik, corrected the overcharging, I must write up the proceedings for my talk as per

This is going into doc/dpf99/proceedings/ directory in my repository.

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