Ytalk is one of the nicer Unix `talk' clients around. It is not perfect, (what is?) but it has many nice features. Current home page is at:

I have made a small mod to 3.1.1 which allows one to save ytalk session to a file in a way that preserves the flow of the conversation. It is a quick hack but others may find it usefull. It is released under the same licence as Ytalk itself. Use at your own risk and all usual legal disclaimers apply.

In order to best preserve the flow of conversation in the session record, ytalkers should use double newlines to signify that they are done speaking in order for this to work however. Sort of a `net version of radio's ``over''.

Download the patch: ytalk-3.1.1.patch.

To apply it, get the 3.1.1 source and patch and do:

tar -xzf ytalk-3.1.1.tar.gz

patch -p0 ytalk-3.1.1.patch

BTW, for those stuck in the morass of MicroSoft but still want to talk to all of your cool friends who use Ytalk, use ChitChat!:

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