Work and physics related links.

I currently^W no longer work in the SuperK/K2K group in the High Energy Group at SUNYSB. My CV has more info on what I have been up to.

I will soon be^W^W^W am now working on MINOS at the physics department at Brookhaven National Lab. See for more info.

Here are some some talks I have given.

I just finished writing my dissertation following Stony Brook's Ph.D. thesis guidelines using the ``sbthesis'' LaTeX class which is based on these original files sent to me by Nathan Shaw in NSL. You can get the latest snapshot or any of the older versions from

Find out what the local weather is like where I work. Also one with pretty pictures.

Experiment web sites in Japan:
Jp machines: [www-sk] [superk] [public] [private] [official DB]
US machines: [www-ussk] [superk] [me]

CERN has a lot of useful info including write-ups: PAW ( reference and tutorial) and HBOOK. I use FeynMF in my thesis and some talks.

Preprints from I co-authored hep-ex/9806014 (PRL on p->e+pi0) and authored hep-ex/9903029 (proceedings to DPF99) as well as SK Note 98-03 (proton decay lifetime limit calculation method). Also see SPIRES for a very useful repository of publications.

The Particle Data Group has their review online.

Seminars: SUNYSB High Energy and BNL (I have given talks at both of these).

The Treasure Troves of Science are sometimes a useful reference.

Here is a logbook I kept online for a short while. It has info about subrun cuts, reduction, water atten, etc.

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