This page and those linked below it are my personal and work home-pages, hosted by both my current employer, State University of NY at Stonybrook, and my current research facility, the Japanese High Energy Research Lab (KEK). (I keep two essentially identical mirrors so that it is easily accessible from either the eastern or western hemispheres.) I did a major organizational overhaul to make this frames version in early January, 2002. The no frames version linked above is essentially the same as this until roughly then. The university requires the following disclaimer for personal pages hosted on its computers.
"This indication must explicitly state that any opinions, views or endorsements of any kind encountered on personal pages are not the policy of the university but are of a personal nature." (As required by the university's official document on personal web pages but noting here that this page is personal and not official, and therefor bound by this official policy, inasmuch as it is, as aforesaid, not official, but personal.) ---but please don't take that too personally!
The image in the center of the top panel is a `picture' of the whole sky using neutrinos instead of light. The bright spot is the sun. This image took a year's data from a 50,000 ton detector to get this resolution.
To the left of that is a random photograph of myself, circa 2000. It's not your browser, the original photo was dirty when I scanned it, and I am wearing a white shirt too. ...but not all the `features' can be blamed on the dirt; I obviously needed a shave that day.
To the right is not a photo of me, but rather an historical photograph related to my work. The man in the picture is Fred Reines, the 1996 winner of the Nobel prize for physics. In the photo taken around 1953, he is working on the very experiment that won him that honor.