JimHill's WWW Home page

My very own WWW home-page!

This page is still (and probably always wil be) ``under construction'' (), so some of it may change, and don't take anything here too seriously for now.

I have ripped out a bunch of old physics material I had here and some outdated biographical information and put them in a file of older material from when I wrote the page a couple years ago.
Most of this page is really old stuff. I have not paid much attention to it lately, but have made some pages for one of my more recent work `hardware' projects. It's not complete yet, but the information there exceeds the form. Other, even more recent work projects are not yet ready for posting. On a totally separate note, I also made some notes to post for various friends about my wedding (Sept., 1998) and our experience getting a US immigrant visa for my wife.

Here is a link to my CV and my list of selected publications.

Recent (and some not-so-recent) seminars in easily accessible form.

(These are sorted in time order starting from the most recent.)
Copies of the proceedings I wrote for some of these are linked here.


Poor you; don't
                        get to see my wonderful picture! Want to send me e-mail?

Yes, that really was my moustache!
I cut it off (several times). My wife doesn't like it so I will probably leave it off this time.

Links to some things I think are interesting:

Links to

SUNY SB University home-page,
The Physics department here; Our group's home page, and
SK's main home-page in Japan. (Warning: this could be slow!)
...and K2K's
the UPENN Physics department's home page (since I was a grad student there.)
and finally, SUNY Albany where I was an undergrad.


I always get frustrated when I see tons of electronic information on someone and cannot find the corresponding "physical" information. (Sometimes I want to really "p-mail" someone.) here's mine:

Home address in Japan:
Apt B-302, KEK
1-1 Oho
Tsukuba, Ibaraki-ken, 305-0801

Work address in Japan:
E362 Experimental group, KEK
1-1 Oho
Tsukuba, Ibaraki-ken, 305-0801
Phones: (office) (0298)64-5434 (home) [not telling here!]

in U.S.:
Phone: (office) (516)632-8295 (home) [none]
Last modified: Apr., 1999 (although that does .NOT. mean everything is accurate as of then...) I reorganized the general information and moved a bunch of old stuff around. Also minor updates to personal info (but it's still a little ragged --ah, well).
"This indication must explicitly state that any opinions, views or endorsements of any kind encountered on personal pages are not the policy of the university but are of a personal nature." (As required by the university's official document on personal web pages but noting here that this page is personal and not official, and therefor bound by this official policy, inasmuch as it is, as aforesaid, not official, but personal.) ---but please don't take that too personally!