Personal information

My name is Jim Hill. (I have a whole short web page just about the name.)
I am a physicist working for the State University of New York at Stonybrook, although for by far most of the time I have been employed by the university, I have lived in Japan near one of my research projects. (If you want to know more about what I do, follow the link on the index frame to my CV or my pages of material related to my research or teaching.

Abbreviated life's story:

I was born May 11, 1961, grew up in Albany, NY, USA. I was the third of four children. I lived near there all but six months until I was nearly 30 and on my way to graduate school. The only other country I had ever been to was Canada, and that's because it was only a 4 hour drive from where I lived. At the end of summer of 1989, I finished up college and headed off to Philadelphia to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. During the five years I was enrolled there, I spent a significant amount of time at national labs in Brookhaven NY, and at Los Alamos, NM doing my thesis research. I had still never been overseas, or for that matter ever seriously wanted to.

After that, I started this job at Stonybrook doing research in Japan. It took a year of going back and forth to the states for me to get really sick of it and decide it was easier to just live in Japan. (Of course, it also helps somewhat with the research to be there all the time.) I spent a year living in western Japan in Toyama prefecture, then move a few hundred kilometers away to Tsukuba-city in Ibaraki prefecture where I lived almost continuously from fall of 1997 until January of 2002. While there I married a girl from back in Toyama in 1998. As I write this, we are in the middle of getting things together to move back to Stonybrook.

For someone who never really wanting to travel much, I have lived abroad for quite some time now. With all the conferences I have to go to and job interviews and other work, now I have been to half a dozen European countries. A couple vacations took me to Bangalore India, Sydney Australia (where I proposed to my wife), and Guam (technically part of the US, but rather different).

Hobbies and pass-times

Although it has been quite some time since I have ridden at all, I used to be an avid cyclist. My most shining hour in that pass time was in 1994 riding with a few hundred other people in the annual `cross-Florida ride' of about 175 miles (280km). I keep saying I want to get back to riding, and this time I really think that soon I will.

I have always enjoyed listening to music, for the last 20 years or so my main interest has been some sort of folk music or other. On my page of links, I have some pointers to information on music on the web. Of course, having grown up in the 60's and early 70's, I have a nostalgic soft spot for pure rock-and-roll as well.

A couple years ago when I was visiting family back around Albany I picked up a new hobby: playing harmonica. I still stink at it, (I'm not so musically talented.) but it's lots of fun.

Older material (From 1998-99):

I also made some notes to post for various friends about my wedding (Sept., 1998) and our experience getting a US immigrant visa for my wife.
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