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In the spring of 2002 at Stony Brook I am teaching recitation sections 7&8 for Physics 132
Send course related e-mail to: hill@superk.physics.sunysb.edu
Changed office hours: Fri, 9-11. For the next few weeks I will be out of town through Wednesday each week. I should be accessible via e-mail even while I am not around here.

Class times (both sections in Physics, P-122):
Section 7: Thursdays 11:20-12:15
Section 8: Thursdays 2:20-3:15


Physics, D-110 Phone: 2-8295

A note about office hours and getting help:

I realize that even besides schedule conflicts, sometimes different people think differently. If you and I think differently I might not be the best one to explain things to you. While I will make every effort to think of alternative explanations, you might be more comfortable --for whatever reason-- with someone else's way of thinking. This is OK. If you feel more comfortable with someone else's explanations it makes sense for you to visit their office hours instead of mine.