JimHill's work related Home page

JimHill's work related information home-page

This page is still (and always will be) ``under construction'' (), so some of it may change, and don't take anything here too seriously for now.
Here is a link to my CV and my list of selected publications.

Conference Proceedings which I have written

Recent (and some not-so-recent) seminars in easily accessible form.

(These are sorted roughly in time order starting from the most recent.)
Most newer talks are here in pdf format and possibly PostScript. The older ones are mostly PostScript, some with HTML versions made with LaTeX. For the conference talks, I generally linked the conference web page as well; those links may be untested.

Some projects in my research

I only have publicly accessible detailed description pages for some slightly old projects. The most recent work projects are still available only to my collaborators in research. Here is a page for one `hardware' project. Although I did most of this work over three years ago and created this write-up in Oct., 2000, I never really completed the public information version. However, the information there exceeds the form.

Links related to physics or of use to physicists

Links to

SUNY SB University home-page,
The Physics department here; Our group's home page, and
SK's main home-page in Japan. (Warning: this could be slow!)
...and K2K's
the UPENN Physics department's home page (since I was a grad student there.)
and finally, SUNY Albany where I was an undergrad.


I always get frustrated when I see tons of electronic information on someone and cannot find the corresponding "physical" information. (Sometimes I want to really "p-mail" someone.) here's mine:

Home address in Japan:
Apt B-302, KEK
1-1 Oho
Tsukuba, Ibaraki-ken, 305-0801

Work address in Japan:
E362 Experimental group, KEK
1-1 Oho
Tsukuba, Ibaraki-ken, 305-0801
Phones: (office) (0298)64-5434 (home) [not telling here!]

in U.S.:
Phone: (office) (516)632-8295 (home) [none]
Last modified: Jan. 15, 2002 (although that does .NOT. mean everything is accurate as of then...) This is a major overhaul of the format, my first attempt at using frames. Also minor updates to personal info (but it's still a little ragged --ah, well).
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